Why do I need a ride home and/or someone with me?

Anesthesia medicine given during the endoscopy procedures temporarily impair your judgement and coordination. You are not permitted to take a taxi alone, operate any mode of transportation yourself or use any public transportation to get home after a procedure if you get sedation medicine. A responsible adult will need to be with you upon leaving from your procedure and the building.

When can I return to my normal activity or work?

Generally, you can return to work and normal activity the day after your procedure. Most people feel fine when they walk out of our building, and we recommend no driving at all on the day of your procedure.

Do I stop my medications?

Please take all of your medications as prescribed by your providers, unless specifically instructed otherwise.

What are clear liquids/Can I have fluids that are not “Clear”?

The general rule is if you can see through it, then you can have it. An only clear liquid diet helps the doctor see a clearer colon during the procedure. Have as much clear liquids the day before your procedure as you can to stay well hydrated. Recommended clear liquids are: water, tea, coffee without cream, bouillon, sports drinks, soda, jello, apple juice, white grape juice. Preferable nothing with red color in it. (dairy products, juices with pulp or any solid food is NOT a clear liquid).

Do I have to drink ALL of the prep?

Yes, you should try to finish all of the prep. The prep helps clean out your colon for a better view during your colonoscopy. If your colon is not cleaned out enough the doctor may need to reschedule your procedure.

What if I can’t get ALL of the prep down?

Try. If you have very bad bloating, abdominal pain, chills or nausea, slow down or take a short break from drinking until you feel less discomfort. Sometimes changing the temperature of the liquid, drinking through a straw, following the prep with some flavorful clear liquids, taking smaller sips over a longer period of drinking can help. If you do not get to loose bowel movements after completing the prep let the doctor know.

Do I need to be at home for the prep?

It is best. Bowel movements may start very quickly after beginning the prep.

When does the colon prep start working?

Everyone is different. Generally you may begin to have watery bowel movements within 1 to 2 hours of starting to drink the solution.

What if my behind becomes sore during the colon prep?

You should be doing a lot of toilet paper wiping during the prep. You can use non-alcohol containing wipes and apply ointments (diaper rash ointments, A & D, Desitin, petroleum jelly) if needed.

When does the colon prep stop working?

Everyone is different. Generally you may have loose bowel movements for 1 to 2 hours after you finish drinking the prep. You will know your colon is empty when your bowel movements are clear liquid.
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