Digestive Disease Center of CNY

DDC of CNY is a certified single specialty ambulatory surgery center for endoscopy, owned and operated by Drs. Romano, Buniak & Gosselin. We are AAAHC accredited (2010 on) and an ASGE Quality Endoscopy Unit. Our staff is dedicated in providing safe, knowledgeable, comfortable, compassionate, and proficient endoscopy care.

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Preparing For Your Colonoscopy

Preparing For Your Upper Endoscopy



There are many procedures that are performed by our doctors in our endoscopy suite (DDC) and hospitals. We realize that some procedures may make you a bit nervous, so we have provided some facts that may help you understand what will happen to ease some concerns. Whether you are having a colonoscopy, upper endoscopy, dilation, sigmoidoscopy, or ERCP, you can find information you need on our site.

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Patient Education

Patient Education

We know that medical information about gastroenterology (digestion) and hepatology (liver) may be a lot to "digest". Our website offers the most current information to answer some questions you may have. Learn more about abdominal pain, acid reflux (GERD), Barrett's, celiac, colitis, colon polyps, constipation, Crohn's, diarrhea, diverticulosis, gas, heartburn, hemorrhoids, hepatitis, hiatal hernia, high fiber diet, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and trouble swallowing. We also have many diets, links and frequently asked questions as a quick reference.

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New Patients

New Patients

Welcome to DDC of CNY! Click here to print and fill out some forms needed before your procedure(s). Click here to schedule appointments, and/or communicate with us. Click here to learn about our providers.

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Gastroenterology & Hepatology of CNY

Gastroenterology & Hepatology of CNY is located adjacent to the offices of DDC of CNY. G&H is a dedicated group working to prevent colon cancer and to provide quality health care. Visit our website for plenty of information on our practice and interests.

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